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Abu Dhabi
Salary - AED :
34500 / Month
Experience :
9 Years
Benefits :

Job Objective

Working in close relationship with the Finance Manager, the Budget & Financial Reporting Unit Head directs,  develops  and  manages  the  Budget  &  Financial  Reporting  function  comprising  Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Business Performance Monitoring. The role is responsible to ensure that the entity and  the  departments  develop  their  business  plans,  capital  and  operating  budgets along sound financial and strategic lines and the performance of the facility. Bachelor's /master's degree holder in finance are welcome

Managerial Role

  • Provide direction and manage employees in the Budgeting & Financial Reporting Section in performing their delegated tasks
  • Performance management,career development guidance, setting objectives and KPI’sof their direct reports and ensuring the development of all employees within the Department (in coordination with the HR Department)
  • Define metrics for the measurement of the success of the Budget and Financial Reporting Unit initiatives and projects,  analyse data collected to determine the success astand current initiatives.
  • Ensures that the performance of various tasks and the conduct of the staff in the Unit are in accordance with the entity policies and procedures

Organisational Role

  • Working with all the department Managers, develops medium and long-term strategic plans of the Department in line with the entity's vision, mission and strategic goals related to budget

Functional Role

  • Manages  the  day-to-day  operations  of  the Budget  and Financial  Reporting  Unit,  providing expertise, encouraging and ensuring teamwork,  aligning work  processes  in order to achieve high performance  standards,  meet  established  targets,  objectives  and  employee  engagement  in  a motivated work environment
  • Directs the development of financial system to compile and monitor consolidated annual budget plan to ensure adherence to approved standards
  • Directs  the  management,  development  and  maintenance  of  capital  and  operating  budgeting processes including budget requirements for planning entities
  • Directs the development of Top-Down budgets and compares with Bottom-Up budgets developed by the company's departments or sectors
  • Directs the close coordination with the Finance Manager and Business Support Director regarding specific budget instructions to ensure adherence to entity regulations
  • Directs the effective coordination and execution of plans with entity's functions and the Business Units to determine that all relevant factors have been taken into account
  • Reviews  submitted  plans  to  ascertain  thoroughness  and  accuracy  and  consolidates  plans  for presentation to the entity
  • Directs the delivering of the management accounts reports and insures an appropriate analysis is in place
  • Identifies financial and economic risks and proposes mitigation tools
  • Directs the delivery and management of financial forecast and funding needs
  • Prepares feasibility study and provides business plans
  • Any other duties appropriate to the role